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Bulk-add prospects with Account while Importing a CSV

If you need to add several prospects to an account, you can do it in bulk and user can also import prospects in Bulk through Accounts Section

You can add multiple prospects to the same account easily from the Prospects screen.

From the Prospects screen, select the checkbox next to the prospects you want to add to the account.
You can use filters to help you find your prospects quickly.

Click the Account button.

Select the Account you want to add the prospects to. Click Add.

Adding Prospects in Bulk through Accounts. 

Now while uploading accounts, users can choose to add prospects associated with the account together.

You can upload prospects with Accounts through a .csv format. Outplay does not accept the .xlsx format. You can import 10K prospects with accounts at a time using CSV import. There are no limitations on the number of imports, meaning you can import any number of files throughout the day but each file cannot contain more than 10K prospects with accounts.

 Select Import prospects with Accounts>> Do the filed mapping>  email, and phone fields to Primary Email and Primary Phone fields And account Field to Account field, If you want you can also map the remaining fields if you have created Custom fields on Outplay.

Please make sure you have a separate Column called Accounts so that you can Map the same to the AccountName field.

Updated on: 24/06/2024

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