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Import History

In this article, we will discuss how Import History works in Outplay and How it can be useful to track your prospect.

Prospects can be imported via CSV file in Outplay or through your CRM.

To understand how to import prospects through CSV click here

Import History maintains all the records of your CSV imports within Outplay.

Admins can keep a track of the prospects they are importing and assigning to their users.

To view Import History, follow the steps below - 

Click on the Prospects tab.
Next to the Click on the dropdown.

Click on Import History.

A new window will open up with all the details of the imported CSV's.

On this screen, you will notice the CSV files are shown with the date they were imported and the status of the import.

Clicking on the numbers next to each import will show the prospects which were either imported successfully, skipped, or failed.

Failed prospects can be downloaded and the reason for the failure will be mentioned within the file downloaded, as shown in the GIF above.

Updated on: 07/06/2024

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