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Manage prospects in bulk

Use bulk actions to quickly add multiple prospects to sequences or accounts, send them one-off emails, add or remove tags, and more.

Use bulk actions to quickly manage your prospects in the Prospects screen. You can:

Add the selected prospects to a sequence.

Send a one-off email or SMS to the selected prospects.

Add the selected prospects to an account.

Add or remove tags for the selected prospects.

Opt-out the selected prospects from receiving more communications from you.

Delete the selected prospects

Mark the selected prospects as finished.

Pause the selected prospects in their sequences.

In the Prospects screen, click the checkbox next to the prospects you want to manage in bulk.
You can use filters to help you find your prospects quickly.

Click the button for the action you want to perform on these prospects.
The Opt out, Delete, Mark as Finished and Pause actions are available under the options button.

Updated on: 24/06/2024

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