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Prospects and accounts

Prospects and accounts are the driving force of your sales activities.

Prospects in Outplay represent the individuals you want to reach out to and engage in conversations and your sales process, just like your leads and contacts in Salesforce. 

You manage your prospects in the Prospects screen. You can record any kind of data you need that will help you reach your sales goals, including:

Social media accounts.

Company information.


Time zone.

Any custom field you create.

Each prospect can also belong to an account.

Accounts represent organizations, just like your accounts in Salesforce. Your accounts in Outplay are the businesses and companies you want to engage with and sell to. Your accounts are managed in the Accounts screen.

A prospect can only have one account at a time, but accounts can have multiple prospects that may all be at different points in the same sequence, or in different sequences entirely.

You can also configure Outplay to automatically remove an account's prospects from sequences if one of the prospects responds. That way, you can maximize your approach: only the prospect who is actually responding to your engagement is kept in-sequence, and you and your team won't step on each other's toes with a sale.

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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