Safety settings - Prevent spam penalties

Prevent spam penalties Limit your sending rates to avoid being penalized by email providers.

Maintaining a good reputation with your email provider is essential for making sure your sales emails are delivered. Sending too many emails too quickly can trigger anti-spam penalties that slow or prevent you sending emails altogether.

You can set sending limits to prevent triggering anti-spam policies in the Safety Settings screen.

  1. Click the user menu, and click Settings.

  2. Click Safety Settings.


3. Type the number of emails to send in a day. 

4. If you don't want to start an email sequence to the prospects who emailed you in the last 30 days, select Check inbox before starting sequence.

5. If you want to automatically stop sequences to all other prospects in an account when one prospect replies, select Stop sequence to all prospects in an account....

6. Type the minimum delay between emails that are sent from the platform.

7. Select the minimum amount of time to wait when sending two emails to the same prospect.

8. Select whether email Opens and link Clicks in emails should be tracked by default.
You can turn open and click tracking off or on in individual emails.

9. Remember to Save your changes.