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Activity sync b/w Crelate & Outplay

By default, we log all the following activities to Crelate.

Activities are actions that are performed on the prospect who has been enrolled in a sequence by the user.

These can be actions such as email and reply logging, call logging, meeting logging & note logging.

Once any one of these activities is performed, the action is recorded into Crelate as well to maintain complete information on both platforms, by default as shown below - 

Users also have the option to disable any of this to prevent them from being sent to Crelate by disabling the toggle.

Within these activities, the user will have an option to edit the following activities using custom variables as shown below. - 

The values and fields used are default values, if the user wants to add more variables and customize it, they can use the toggle to do advanced customizations.

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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