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Slack Integration

In this article, we will discuss how to connect Slack to Outplay.

Outplay now has native integration with Slack, which is one of the most commonly used communication applications for many organizations. 

Configure Slack With Outplay.

Setting up Slack with Outplay. 

The initial setup for getting Slack Integrated with Outplay will need to be done by the owner/admin of Slack and Outplay.**

Log in to Outplay
Admin needs to perform the first-time authentication and Setup
Navigate to Settings
Navigate to Integrations & API
Click on the toggle to enable Slack integration and verify the authentication.
Slack will ask the admin to create a channel on which they would like to receive the notifications.

Each user will have a Slack enable toggle under my account, which has to be enabled.
Users will need to navigate to Slack App Market and search for "OutplayHQ"
Download the application.
Once Slack is integrated, a new bot channel will emerge with the name created by the admin which will enable the users to receive notifications as well as receive the retrieved information using slash commands.

Navigate to Notifications within Settings in Outplay.

OP Admins for a particular account should be able to integrate Slack notifications for the team. Once integrated, the users can automate the integration by following certain steps:
Users can click on the + icon on their Slack and search for “OutplayHQ”
They can click on Add, OutplayHQ will be added as a channel.
Click on the OutplayHQ icon.
Users will be able to see Slack configuration and command lines to execute notifications.

Setting up Notifications for All users:

Under settings for notifications users will be allowed to set up preferences of notifications that they wish to receive module-wise:
Outplay dashboard->Notifications.

Users will have the option to enable notifications and configure them as per their criteria from this section.
Notifications are provided for emails, opens, replies, calls & SMS, etc.

Configuring a Deal Room

A Deal Room is a channel that’s created in Slack when an opportunity or prospect is valued at/above a specific amount or at a certain stage. This option offers you and other team managers/members the flexibility to collaborate, engage with key decision-makers, and be notified about every stage of that important deal in real time.

To create a Deal Room, create an Opportunity by following the steps here: Once an Opportunity with the matching criteria is created, a Deal Room will be created in Slack.

You can then choose what notifications you want to receive! Go to “Notifications” > “Deal Rooms” > “Configure what you receive in Deal Rooms” to select which notifications you want to receive in the Deal Room channel. Activity notifications are sent to the channel hourly and can be turned off by unchecking the “Activities on the opportunity” item.

Slack command Lines - 

About Section (Help for Slash Commands)

Outplay is the ultimate platform to perfect your sales process by elevating your sales engagement by managing prospects and helping in creating and closing more leads.

See what’s Outplay Bot has in for you:

Give you a ready reckoner for your calls, emails, and SMS.

Assist you to create and edit sequences.

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Help you create and edit accounts and mention your team member.

Note: Please refer to our privacy policy for more details.

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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