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RingCentral Integration

Use RingCentral for Calling through Outplay

Outplay now provides the capability to integrate with RingCentral for calling and sending SMS to prospects.

Users will now have the option to choose between Twilio, default calling/SMS provider, or RingCentral.

How to Integrate RingCentral to Outplay?

Administrators within Outplay will be able to make these changes.

To connect Ringcentral to Outplay, follow the steps mentioned below.

Login into Outplay.
Navigate to Settings -> Dialer.
Under Dialer, the user can find a “Voice Provider” option.
Click on “Use your own Voice provider” and choose RingCentral.

Once RingCentral is selected, the system will show a confirmation pop-up as below.

On clicking yes, the system will show the connect button. Clicking on connect button, the user will be prompted to sign in to RingCentral.

Once Signed in, users will be taken back to Outplay and can start making their calls and sending SMS’s out.


Q: Do I have to have an active RingCentral account?

A: Yes. to set RingCentral as a default voice provider in Outplay, Users are required to have an active RingCentral account.

Q: How do I set up a RingCentral account.

A: Refer to RingCentral's website for information on setting up the account

Q: Does RingCentral supports Outplay chrome extension

A: Currently, Ring Central doesn’t support Outplay Chrome extension.

Updated on: 27/06/2024

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