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Add Your Voiceprint for Accurate Meeting Transcripts

How to Identify Your Voice in a Meeting with Voiceprint on Outplay

Have you ever struggled to identify your voice in a meeting recording with multiple participants? Outplay's Voiceprint feature makes it easy for your voice to be recognized and separated from others in a meeting, resulting in more accurate transcripts. 

Here’s how you can add your own voiceprint on Outplay:

Log into Outplay. Click the Intelligence tab.

Navigate to Profile → Settings.

From the sidebar menu, click Voiceprint under the User section.

Click the Add New Voiceprint button.

The Add Voiceprint window appears. You can click the Start button to begin recording your voice.

Read out the displayed content in your normal conversational tone.

NOTE: It is recommended to read the entire content piece for the voiceprint to be accurate.

Click the Stop button when you're done recording.

Play the recording to review it. If needed, you can click Retry to record again. Once satisfied with the recording, click Submit Voiceprint.

With Voiceprint on Outplay, your voice is accurately transcribed and saves you time and effort in going through meeting recordings.

Updated on: 27/06/2024

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