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Get Started with Conversation Intelligence on Outplay

Improve Your Sales Performance with Conversation Intelligence

As a salesperson, your success is directly related to your ability to engage prospects and close deals. To do this, you need to have meaningful conversations with potential customers. These conversations are an opportunity to gather insights, identify challenges, and offer solutions that meet the needs of the customer.

However, as a salesperson, it's challenging to keep track of every conversation and glean the critical insights needed to win more deals. That's where Conversation Intelligence (CI) comes in.

In this guide, we'll walk you through getting started with CI on Outplay, a tool that helps sales teams record and analyze conversations with prospects. You'll learn how to use this tool to get the most out of your sales conversations, streamline your sales process, and close more deals.

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What is Conversation Intelligence on Outplay?
Features of Outplay's Conversation Intelligence
How to get started with Conversation Intelligence on Outplay

What is Conversation Intelligence on Outplay?

Conversation Intelligence (CI) on Outplay uses technology and analytics to gather insights from conversations between sales representatives and prospects. 
By recording and analyzing sales conversations, CI can help sales teams identify patterns, trends, and opportunities to improve their sales process, increase customer engagement, and close more deals. 

CI tools use AI and machine learning to identify important topics and key phrases, detect sentiment, and provide recommendations for sales reps to use in real-time. Overall, CI is a powerful tool that can help sales teams optimize their performance and achieve better results.

Features of Outplay's Conversation Intelligence

Outplay's CI comes with several powerful tools that make it easy for sales teams to improve their performance. Here are some of the key features:

Record meetings and generate transcripts: With Outplay's CI, you can automatically record all your sales calls, meetings, and demos, and generate accurate transcripts for review. You can even upload a recording of a meeting and analyze the same.

Identify important topics discussed, such as Competitor or Pricing: Outplay's CI uses AI to identify important topics discussed during each conversation, such as competitors or pricing, making it easier for you to follow up on these topics with prospects.

Identify Next Steps and Highlights: Outplay's CI helps you identify the next steps in your sales process and highlight areas that need further attention.

Comment and tag team members to collaborate: You can use Outplay's CI to collaborate with your team members by commenting on recorded conversations and tagging team members to provide additional insights.

Share recordings and snippets: With Outplay's CI, you can easily share recordings and snippets of conversations with other team members for review and feedback.

Use battle cards to tackle objections in real-time: Outplay's CI comes with a feature called battle cards, which provides you with the information you need to tackle objections in real-time. Outplay’s Bot can detect trigger keywords in a live conversation and display battle cards to tackle any objection or provide stronger talking points.

How to get started with Conversation Intelligence

Step 1: Connect your Calendar

To automatically record your sales conversations and ensure that all your sales conversations are captured and available for analysis in Outplay's CI.

Step 2: Adding Your Voiceprint for Accurate Meeting Transcripts

This trains Outplay's AI to recognize your voice and create accurate transcripts of your sales conversations.

Step 3: Configure Bot settings

Allows you to customize your Bot to match your preferences and work style.

Step 4: Configure Recording Consent

Ensures that you are following privacy regulations and obtaining the necessary consent to record sales conversations.

Step 5: View your Upcoming Meetings

Allows you to verify that your meetings are being recorded and prepare for them accordingly.

Step 6: Enable Bot for your meetings: 

To ensure your meetings are automatically recorded to be analyzed. Outplay’s Bot can also show you battle cards to tackle objections in real time. 

Step 7: Analyze recorded conversations

Identify important topics, next steps, and areas for improvement. Moreover, you gain insights from your sales conversations to optimize your sales process.

Step 8: Share recordings or snippets

Promotes collaboration among team members and provides opportunities for feedback and improvement.

Conversation Intelligence is a game-changer for sales teams, and Outplay's CI is one of the most powerful tools available. With CI, you can streamline your sales process, improve your performance, and close more deals.

Updated on: 27/06/2024

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