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Understanding Meeting Analysis for Recorded Conversations

Uncover Deep Insights to Improve Your Sales Calls

Analyzing your prospect sales calls is a crucial part of the sales process. It helps you understand your prospects better, identify their pain points, and take necessary actions to close deals faster. On Outplay, you can easily analyze your recorded meetings and gain deep insights into the conversation at different points. 

In this article, we'll walk you through how to use the Meeting Analysis in Conversation Intelligence on Outplay and how it can benefit your sales process.

What is Meeting Analysis and why is it Important?

Meeting Analysis allows you to analyze recorded meetings and identify topics discussed in the conversation. By analyzing your meetings, you can get an in-depth understanding of your prospect's pain points, goals, and next steps, which can help you tailor your pitch to their specific needs. It's an excellent tool to improve your sales calls and close more deals.

How to Use Meeting Analysis on Outplay

To view Meeting Analysis for a recorded conversation on Outplay, follow these simple steps:

Log into Outplay. Click on the Intelligence tab.

The Recordings tab under the Conversations section is displayed by default. Here, you can view all your recordings. Select a recording of your choice.

Navigate to the Meeting Analysis section of the conversation. Here, you can view the topics discussed in the conversation:
Timing: Displays any dialogues related to time. This could include keywords such as minutes and hours all the way to months and years.
Next Steps: Displays the next action you can take after the call is completed to keep the sale moving.
Questions: Displays any questions raised by the prospect.
Competitor: Displays any mentions about your competitors by the prospect.
Customer Goals: Displays any business goals or motives mentioned by the prospect.
Pain Points: Displays any issues or problems faced by the prospect currently.
Pricing: Displays any dialogues associated with the pricing of your product or service.

Click a topic to expand it further. A panel slides in from the right to display the dialogues where the topic is mentioned.

You can toggle between Video and Transcription Mode to view the dialogue in the preferred medium. You can click a specific dialogue to analyze the recording for the specific time frame.
For Video Mode, the seekbar moves to the time frame when the dialogue was delivered.
For Transcription Mode, the dialogue with the keyword is detected and displayed in the transcript.

By analyzing your recorded meetings, you can gain deep insights into your prospect's pain points, goals, and next steps and tailor your pitch to their specific needs. So, the next time you record a meeting, make sure to use Meeting Analysis to analyze it and improve your sales process.

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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