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How to Add Comments and Tag Team Members in Recorded Conversations

Add public/ private comments and keep your team in the loop with tagging features.

Outplay provides you with the ability to add both public and private comments to your recorded conversations. Moreover, you can easily tag team members to notify them of important updates or information they need to know. You can also configure notifications for the comments and select the best setting for each recorded conversation.

Here’s how you can go about it:

Log into Outplay. Click the Intelligence tab.

The Recordings tab under the Conversations section is displayed by default. Here, you can view all your recordings. Select a recording of your choice.

Navigate to the panel to your right and click Comments.

The Comments panel slides out from the right. Here, you can view or add comments, and tag other team members.

You can view the order of comments by Recent First, Oldest First, or Timeline.

Add comments and tag a team member

Here’s how you can add a comment and tag a team member at a specific timestamp: 

Select the point in the conversation where you want to add a comment or tag someone.

Enter the comment in the Add Comment box.

Use the “*@**” to tag a team member. A pop-up from which you can select team members as required is displayed as well. 

Click the Emoji button to add a variety of emojis.

You can add both public and private comments to a recorded conversation. Click the Visibility button of the comment and select between the following options:
Anyone at Organization: Any member in your organization can see the comment.
Mentioned Users Only: Only users who you mention can see the comment.
Only Me: Only you can see the comment.

You can adjust the timestamp as required with the timestamp toggle.

Click Post.

You have added a comment or tagged a team member successfully. 

Configure notification settings for comments

You can configure notifications for the comments and select a setting for each recorded conversation. You can choose between:

All Notifications: Get notified of all comments, replies, and mentions.
Limited: Get notified if someone replies to your comment or mentions you in their comment.
None: Turn off all notifications.

You have configured notifications for the comments of the specific recorded conversation successfully.

Updated on: 27/06/2024

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