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Upload a Recorded Conversation to Analyze

Analyze Conversations from Any Platform with Outplay

Have you ever had a spontaneous meeting with a prospect, but didn't have the time to add Outplay Bot to record the conversation? Or, have you received a call from a prospect and wish to analyze or transcribe the conversation? Outplay makes it easy for you to analyze conversations on any platform! All you need to do is record the conversation, even on your mobile, and upload it to Outplay. 

To upload a conversation recording and analyze/transcribe it on Outplay, follow these simple steps:

Log into Outplay. Click on the Intelligence tab.

The Recordings section under the Conversations section is displayed by default. Click the Upload Recording button.

The Upload Recording window will pop up.
Here, you can drag and drop or select a conversation recording of your choice from your system.
Complete the fields for Meeting Title and Date.
In the Attendees field, you can select the participants of the meeting. You can also add a prospect by entering their email address in the Attendees field.
Click Upload.

Your conversation recording is now uploaded successfully. 

NOTE: Keep in mind that analyzing the conversation may take a while. You will receive a notification when the analysis is complete, and you can come back to analyze the conversation.

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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