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A guide to analyzing recorded conversations

Boost your sales performance by analyzing your sales conversations

As a salesperson, your success depends on your ability to communicate effectively with your prospects and clients. But let's face it: it's impossible to remember every single detail from every single conversation you have. That's where Outplay comes in. 

With Outplay, you can easily capture and analyze your conversations to improve your sales performance. In this guide, we'll show you how to make the most of recorded conversations, from reviewing transcripts to analyzing meeting details and searching for key information. 

Log into Outplay. Click the Intelligence tab.

The Recordings tab in the Conversations section is displayed by default. You can view all the recorded and analyzed conversations here. You can navigate between tabs like All, Audio, Video, or Upload to find recordings of your preference.

You can use the Search bar or the Filter button to find recordings efficiently.

Select a recording of your choice.

In the recording, you can:
Listen or View the recorded conversation
View the Transcript
View Conversation Details
View Meeting Analysis
Comment or Tag
View Highlights and Next Steps

Listen to the recorded conversation

Listening to your recorded conversations is crucial to gain insights and improve your sales performance. Outplay offers a simple and efficient way to listen to your sales calls and transcripts, allowing you to focus on specific sections of the conversation. 

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View Transcript

You can view the transcript of your recorded conversations while listening to the audio at the same time. Within the transcription, click the dialogue of any participant and the seek bar will automatically move to the specific time frame in the recorded conversation where that dialogue was spoken.

View Conversation Details

Under Conversation Details, you'll find important information about your meeting, including:

Meeting title
Source (e.g., Zoom, GMeet, etc.)

By reviewing these details, you can gain a better understanding of the context of the conversation and ensure that you have all the necessary information for follow-up actions.

View Meeting Analysis

Analyzing your prospect sales calls is a crucial part of the sales process. It helps you understand your prospect better, identify their pain points, and take necessary actions to close deals faster. On Outplay, you can easily analyze your recorded meetings and gain deep insights into the conversation at different points. 

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On Outplay, once the recorded conversation is saved and analyzed, you can use the Search feature for keywords or topics that were discussed when they were mentioned - by anyone in the meeting. This powerful tool also lets you search for anything within Transcripts, Notes, Highlights, Next Steps, and much more! 

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Comment or Tag

One of the key benefits of using Conversation Intelligence on Outplay is the ability to collaborate more effectively with your team. You can add both public and private comments to the recorded conversation, which allows you to share your thoughts, ideas, and feedback with your colleagues. You can also tag other team members in your comments to ensure that they receive a notification and can easily access the relevant information. 

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View Highlights and Next Steps

You just had a cold call with a prospect you’ve been eyeing for a while. What’s next? How do you keep the conversation going and the prospect interested? The best way to keep the sale moving forward is by defining a clear strategy with Next Steps and Highlights. 

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Updated on: 27/06/2024

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