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Adding people from Pipedrive directly to a sequence on Outplay

Users can add prospects directly from Pipedrive to Outplay.

How to add people coming from Pipedrive to a sequence on Outplay directly?

Triggers on Outplay can be used to add people from Pipedrive to a sequence on Outplay directly.

To be able to do this you will have to add a custom field on both Pipedrive and Outplay which will be used for the triggering. Please find help on how to create a custom field on Outplay here.

Once these custom fields are created on both platforms, map these fields by going to field mapping for people while setting up the integration.

After the mapping is done you will have to create a trigger and the trigger should look something like this:

Trigger explained:

When a prospect is created on Outplay, where the custom field we created for this purpose("label"l in this example) equals a value that you have for the people whom you want to add to the sequence("Label-1" in this example) then add the prospect to your desired sequence("Sequence 1" in this example).

Save the trigger and you are all set.

You can also find quick video help here:

Note: You can also use an existing field to trigger the event.

Updated on: 24/06/2024

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