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What are Team Sequences?

In this article we will discuss all about team sequences - Creating, assigning users, stats, etc.

Outplay allows Admins to create team sequences which can be used by their whole team.

Team sequences helps the Admins to be able to start-off a new campaign and aligning all the reps with ease and have a qualified content even for a new member of the team.

If an Admin wishes to make any changes to the sequence as a result of any new initiatives or strategies, these changes will get reflected to all the users and thereby have control over the content of messaging.

How to create a team sequence?

It is no different from creating a normal sequence except for one setting that you need to change to make it a team sequence.

After creating a sequence, in the settings tab you can see an option "Sequence Type" where you can select it the sequence is a personal or team sequence.

An admin can turn any of his/her existing personal sequence into a team sequence using the same setting.

Note: Only admins can create a team sequence or change a personal sequence to a team sequence.

How are prospects assigned to users in a team sequence?

By default, the "assigned to" user is the user who imports the People into the sequence. Admins can change the assigned to user while importing.

Those assigned users are accountable for sending emails, making calls or completing other steps for those prospects in the sequence.

Example: If John is a prospect and is assigned to Jake that means Jake is accountable for sending emails or making calls or perform any other step of the sequence as all those tasks will get assigned to Jake.

Can I change "assigned to" user?

An admin can change "assigned to" user for any of the prospects in a team sequence.

Whereas a user can only change "assigned to" user for the prospects who are assigned to them.

Re-assigning prospects
Once the assigned prospects starts going through the sequence, they can be re-assigned to other user for the remaining steps.

To re-assign remaining steps of a prospect to another user, follow these steps:

Click on the sequence

Click on prospects tab of the sequence

Select the prospects whom you want to re-assign

Click on Three dotted button(more options)

Scroll down to bottom and click on Reassign Remaining Steps

Select the user for whom the prospects are to be re-assigned to

Click on Re-assign

Team sequence stats

Stats that are displayed for a team sequence consists of all the stats of the entire team and not that of individual users.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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