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How to Change Opt-Out Status for Prospects on Outplay

Reinstate prospects to Opt-In status easily.

It’s common for prospects to ask you to leave them out of any future communication in your sales process. However, that decision may not always be set in stone. 

On Outplay, you can change prospect status with a few clicks and add them back into your sales process. 

Reinstate a prospect who opted out

On Outplay, click the Prospects icon on the sidebar menu.

Find and click the prospect you want to reinstate. The Prospect Information panel slides in from the right.
On the panel, click More Options.

From the drop-down menu, select Opt-In.
A window to confirm your action will pop up. Click Yes.

The prospect will be reinstated.  

The Opt-In option will only be visible for prospects who have opted out.
The Opt-In option will be visible on the Prospect Information panel accessed through Sequences and Accounts as well.
After a prospect is reinstated to Opt-In status, the complete history of the prospect, including calls, emails, sequences, and all other activities, will be restored.

Reinstate multiple prospects who opted out

On Outplay, click the Prospects icon on the sidebar menu.

Select the checkbox for all the prospects you want to reinstate.

Click the More Options button on the top panel and select Opt-In from the drop-down menu.

A window will pop up to confirm your action. Click Yes.

After confirmation, an Action Stats window will be displayed. Here, you can view the list of selected prospects who have been reinstated. If a prospect was already opted in, a failure notification will be displayed for the prospect. After reviewing the stats, click Done.

TIP: You can also view prospects based on their Opt-Out status.

On the Prospect’s page, click Filters. From the drop-down menu, click Prospect Status.

Under Prospect Status, add Opt-Out as a filter.

Click Apply Filters.

The Prospects will be displayed as per their Opt-Out status. 

View Opt-In Status Change on Activity Feed

After a prospect has been successfully opted in, the prospect activity feed will display the Opt-In status change. 

Updated on: 24/06/2024

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