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Chat with Outplay prospects on your website

Invite prospects to your website to chat live with you so you can continue your sales conversation seamlessly.

Live chat is fast becoming one of the most popular ways of engaging prospects, but most live chat widgets aren't suitable for warm prospects.

When a cold prospect arrives on your site, the chat widget helpfully asks some qualifying questions to funnel them into a sales pipeline. This is great if the prospect hasn't really interacted with you or your company before. It helps get things moving and makes sure you're not wasting effort on prospects who aren't suitable.

But what about when a warm prospect you've already been talking to follows a link from your email to your website? Up pops that cold-prospect chat widget again, asking them the same old qualifying questions, disrupting the rapport you've worked so hard to build, and making them feel less like a valued customer, and more like a wallet on legs. Not so great.

Here's where Outplay is different: when your warm prospect follows a link to your website from your email, instead of your regular chat widget, they see the Outplay chat widget inviting them to chat with you, live. You can continue the conversation you've been having seamlessly, so your prospect really feels like they're dealing with a person, not a faceless company. 

This all happens automatically, provided you've added the Outplay chat widget to your site and configured the settings

When your prospect replies to the Outplay chat widget, the conversation appears on your Chat screen. You can chat with your prospects without leaving Outplay.

If you're away from Outplay when your prospect replies, they receive an auto-reply message. You can then respond to them later over email, or by replying to them on the Chat screen: they'll get an email inviting them back to continue the live chat.

Your chat conversations are logged in Outplay for your records, just like everything else.

Updated on: 27/06/2024

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