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Hiding your existing chat provider

Hide your existing chat widget (Intercom/Drift/etc) so your prospects see only Outplay chat when they visit your website via cold email.

Outplay chat widget pops-up only when your prospect clicks on a link that is sent via Outplay and visit your website/blog/landing page. 

But, if you already have any other chat providers integrated on to your website, your prospects might see two chat widgets popping up.

To avoid that, you can hide your existing chat provider when a prospect visits your website via an email sent from Outplay.

All leading chat providers like Intercom/Drift supports hiding their chat widget based on a referral url.

Here is help if you're using Intercom or Drift.

Referral url for Outplay would be "ophqt="

In case if you're using any other chat provider, you may want to check with them on how to hide their chat widget based on a referral url.

Updated on: 27/06/2024

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