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Create Battle Cards to Tackle Sales Objections

Equip yourself to tackle any objections raised by prospects in a meeting

When you provide your sales team with the right sales enablement tools, you’ll see significant improvements in overall close rates. 

With Battle Cards via Conversation Intelligence on Outplay, your sales team is equipped to win against your competitors and close deals faster. 

Battle Cards are conversation intelligence tools that comprise high-value talking points to enable your sales team to sell against a particular competitor. It can include responses to common objections related to topics such as Pricing, Competitors, Features, Positioning, Strengths, and Weaknesses, along with facts to back them up or tackle them. 

On Outplay, you can create battle cards associated with specific trigger keywords and have them set to pop up during a meeting with a prospect. This is possible because Outplay Bot analyzes your meeting for the trigger keywords and displays the relevant battle card for you to use. 

Here’s how you can create battle cards on Outplay:

Log into Outplay. Click the Intelligence tab.

Click Battle Cards from the sidebar menu.

Click the Add Battle Card button.

The Add New Battle Card window pops up

Click Save As Draft to save the battle card as a draft. Click Publish Card to take your battle card live.

The battle card is created successfully.

NOTE: Saving a battle card as draft does not take the battle card live.

NOTE: You can Edit or Delete a Battle Card by clicking the More Options icon on the top right corner of a specific battle card.

Updated on: 27/06/2024

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