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Gong Integration

How to integrate Gong with Outplay

Integrate with Gong

Analyze your prospect calls and gain valuable insights to close deals faster

With the Outplay-GongOutplay - Gong integration, you can: 

Sync essential data related to Outplay call recordings, such as company and lead information
View AI-guided topic analysis on Outplay Call Recordings
Transcribe calls made on Outplay
View talk time of each user per call
Gain insights such as topic emphasis by an SDR on a call
View organization-level talk-time or topic-based reporting
Tag specific portions of a call for team analysis and review

NOTE: Outplay - Gong integration can be configured by an Admin account only. 

On Outplay, go to ProfileSettings.

Click Integrations & API.

Navigate to the Gong tile and enable the Setup toggle.

You are redirected to the Gong login page where you can enter your credentials and authenticate your login.

After successful authentication, you are redirected to Gong integration settings on Outplay.

Configure Gong integration settings

Under Gong integration settings on Outplay, there are two sections: 

User Mapping



User Mapping

Under the User Mapping section, you can map data between an Outplay Owner and its respective Gong Owner. 

Include Objects not owned by the Mapped Users

Let’s assume that an SDR in your team has an Outplay Account but does not have a Gong Account. Now, if you want calls associated with that SDR synced to Gong as well, you can enable the option of Include Objects not owned by the Mapped Users

Once the sync is completed successfully, the calls associated with the SDR will also be updated on Gong. However, in such an instance, the calls are assigned to the Outplay User whose account is set as Default

NOTE: To set an Outplay account as default for User Mapping, you can click the kebab menu icon for an Outplay User and select the Set as Default option.  


The Logs section displays all the sync activities, along with their status and information, between Outplay and Gong. Every activity displays the Time Stamp, Status, Source, Action and Details to help you understand in case of any failure. 


This integration does not sync all the call recordings of an organization. It pulls in call recordings that are above the duration of 1 minute for users that have both Outplay and Gong accounts only.
Call recording should be enabled on Outplay.
The Import Calls option on Gong should be enabled to ensure seamless sync of data from Outplay to Gong.
On Gong, navigate to Company SettingsData Capture Settings. Here, you can enable the Import Calls option.

Updated on: 07/06/2024

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