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How to define Stages for Accounts on Outplay

Track your accounts and their progress through your sales funnel

On Outplay, Accounts refer to the companies or organizations that are being targeted by sales reps as potential customers. Accounts can contain information such as the company name, industry, size, contact information, deal progress, and much more.

Stages in Accounts represent the different phases that a prospect goes through before becoming an actual customer. By tracking stages for Accounts, you can get a clear overview of how your sales process is progressing, where your prospects are in the sales funnel, and which accounts are more likely to convert to sales. 

Moreover, this helps optimize the sales process and make data-driven decisions to increase your success rate. On Outplay, you can create stages as per your sales process. Here’s how you can create stages for Accounts on Outplay:

Login to Outplay. In the Engagement section, navigate to ProfileSettings.

Click Stage from the sidebar menu.

Navigate to the Account Stages tab.

Here, all the default stages for Accounts are listed. Click the Add Stage button.

The Add New Stage window pops up. Here, you can enter the name of the stage.

Click Save.

The stage is created for Accounts successfully. 

NOTE: The order of appearance is the order of priority. You can click the More Options button and choose the Move Up or Move Down option to position the stage accurately. 

NOTE: The stages defined on Outplay should match the stages defined in your CRM for Accounts in order to sync accurately.

Updated on: 07/06/2024

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