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How to filter your tasks on Outplay

Quickly and easily sort through your task list

Outplay provides you with smart filters to help manage your sales process more efficiently. By filtering your tasks, you can quickly and easily sort through your task list to find the tasks that are most important to you and update them instantly.

For example, you can filter tasks by priority. This is especially useful if you have critical tasks that need to be executed before all others. If you have created tasks with the priority set to "Critical", you can simply click on the Priority filter and select "Critical" to see all tasks with that priority level. 

This enables you to focus on the most important tasks and make progress.

Here’s how you can apply smart filters to your tasks:

Log into Outplay. Under the Engagement section, click Tasks from the sidebar menu.

Click the Filters & Views button on the top panel.

The Filters and Views panel slides in from the left. Navigate to the Filters tab. Here, you can apply sort and filters to view tasks as per your requirement.

You can apply sort and filters and save the view by clicking the Save View button.

NOTE: All views are saved under the Smart View tab. You can navigate to the Smart View tab and click a view of your choice and the desired results are displayed.

Updated on: 27/06/2024

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