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Managing Sequence Actions on Call Tasks on Outplay

Seamlessly control your sequence workflow during Call Tasks

With Outplay, you can optimize your sales engagement workflow. During Call Tasks, you have the flexibility to choose the most appropriate sequence action for each prospect. This guide will provide a clear understanding of managing sequence actions within Outplay for Call Tasks. Whether you want to advance the sequence, end it, or let it progress automatically, Outplay makes it simple and efficient to customize your sequence workflow based on your conversations with prospects.

Let's explore the process of managing sequence actions during Call Tasks in Outplay.

Managing Sequence Actions on Call Tasks

When executing a Call Task for a prospect within Outplay, you will have the option to choose a sequence action for that particular prospect.

Based on the conversation you had with the prospect, you can select one of the following sequence actions:
Finish: By choosing this option, the sequence will end for the prospect. No further steps or actions will be executed within the sequence.
Advance: Opting for this action will indicate that the prospect has progressed to the next steps within the sequence. The subsequent actions will be executed accordingly.
Automatic: Select this option if you prefer not to select a specific action for the prospect. In this case, Outplay determines the appropriate sequence action based on the prospect's engagement and the predefined settings within the sequence.

By leveraging Outplay's sequence action options, you can tailor your sales engagement strategy and streamline your workflow during Call Tasks. Choose the appropriate sequence action for each prospect based on your conversation to ensure personalized and effective engagement.

Updated on: 27/06/2024

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