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How to setup Custom Holidays

This article talks about how you can create custom holidays and assign to your sequences

Let us understand how to create custom holiday 

Navigate to the Schedule tab
Click on Holiday Calendar

By default, there are out of the box holiday calendars available those are US, UK, India, Australia, Canada

To create a new custom holiday, click on Add Holiday Calendar button

A new form will open which will ask for 

Name of the holiday calendar
Select the timezones for which this holiday calendar is applicable
Enter the name and date of the holiday

Click on Save button to save the calendar.

Same timezone is not allowed in multiple calendars

You can also clone any existing default calendar once

How to apply in sequences

To apply the newly created holiday calendar,

Go to the schedule tab, open the schedule in which you want to apply the calendar
Select the calendar and save it.

How the custom holiday calendar works

If the settings mentioned in the screenshot is enabled then the following cases will apply

If the timezone of the prospect is mapped in Outplay then Outplay will check the applicable holiday calendar based on the prospect timezone and skip the emails on that particular day.

If the timezone of the prospect is mapped in Outplay but that timezone is not mapped in any existing holiday calendar then the Outplay will apply default holiday calendar and skip the tasks falling on the holiday.

If No holiday calendar is selected in the default option, then sequences or schedules will not follow any holiday.

Preference will always be given to Custom holiday calendars. If a timezone is not present in custom calendar, Outplay then looks for out of the box calendars.

Updated on: 10/06/2024

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