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How to view and manage the schedule for sending a sequence

Schedule sequences to always reach out to prospects at the right time

Make your multichannel sequence more effective by scheduling them for specific weekdays and time frames. By scheduling sequences, you can ensure that your sequence emails reach prospects when they are available for business. Moreover, you can set sequences to detect prospect time zones, if available, and send emails accordingly.

This article discusses the following:

*Schedule an Outplay sequence**

Schedule an Outplay sequence

On Outplay, click Sequences.

Select the sequence you want to schedule.

Disable the toggle to pause the sequence.

Click the Settings tab.

Navigate to the Schedule field.

Select the schedule you want the sequence to follow from the drop-down list.

Refer to the article here to understand how to create a schedule

Click Save at the end of the page.

Enable the toggle to activate the sequence.

The sequence is scheduled as per your configuration.

Updated on: 26/06/2024

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