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Hubspot Cards - Powered by Outplay

What are Hubspot Cards?

Hubspot Cards allows you to view and update information automatically when there is any change in a prospect’s activity on Outplay. 

These cards can help you streamline your workflows, maximize your efficiency, and take necessary action when required. The information on the card is automatically updated whenever sync occurs for the integration. 

Moreover, Hubspot Cards provide specific information such as Outplay ID, Opens, Clicks, Replies, Sequence Name, Tags, Stage, Last Completed Step, Next Step Due, and Next Step Scheduled.

NOTE: The Outplay - Hubspot integration should be active. 

Hubspot Cards are accessible for all contacts synced to Outplay and you can find them on the panel to your right on the contact’s information page.

NOTE: Hubspot Cards can neither be downloaded nor exported.

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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