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Importing Prospects Engagements & Acitivites from CRM to Outplay

In this article, we will discuss on how to sync prospect's engagement & activities into Outplay.

Within Outplay, users have the option to enable Outbound & Inbound Sync directions as per their use case.
Now, users will able to sync their activities and engagement with their prospects into Outplay, this is to view all their data within one place rather than shuffling b/w platforms.

To enable this inbound sync, please follow the steps below.

Navigate to Settings within Outplay. (Admin role is necessary)
Click on Integrations & API, click on your respective CRM.
Navigate to the Activity Tab.
In the inbound section, enable this option to start importing the engagements from CRM to outplay for the respective prospect.

How will the engagement & activities be shown in Outplay?

These inbound CRM engagements will be shown on the Activities tab within Prospects Information section.

Prospect panel

Navigate to prospect panel, activity tab.

The engagements / activities imported from CRM will be visible in the respective section

Please note, engagements will be grouped by date.

Option as Source will be added in filters

Source will show two options i.e. Outplay and & the respective CRM.

Updated on: 26/06/2024

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