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Merge & Delete prospects from SalesForce

Merge and delete your records from your CRM using Outplay

Outplay allows users to integrate with Salesforce. The capability of merging or deleting prospects in your Salesforce through Outplay decreases the manual work and also helps in maintaining a good book of business within the Salesforce and Outplay.

Considering any CRM which has been connected with Outplay, to find the Merge & delete option

Navigate to Settings

Integration & API

Click on the Salesforce connected.

Open the respective section for type mapping.

Prospect <> Lead or Prospect <> Contact or Account <> Account

Within the sync tab, the section Merged or Deleted Records can be found.

**Remove historical records**

All the prospects within the merged/deleted call will be deleted from the system after 30 days from the date we got the action from Salesforce. In the prospects screen, we will add one tag to the records as Marked for Deletion.

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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