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Prevent Internal Meetings from Meeting Booked

Outplay now provides the capability to differentiate between Internal & Client meetings

Internal meetings with team members or teams will not be counted in the reports generated within Outplay which will provide accurate data.

**How to enable this option?**

Login into Outplay, navigate to settings.

Go to Org Settings.

Within here there is a field to add domains to not create prospects and meetings.

Admin can add the domain in the below option which is available under org settings.

This will block the creation of prospects from both Outplay & Chrome Extension and if the meeting is booked it will not be added to reports.

For the domains added in this option, the prospects will not be created for this domain.

Prospects creation will be blocked from Create Prospect, Import prospect from both CSV and salesforce import, CRM sync, Chrome extension.

Since the prospects are not getting created, the assumption is calls and meetings will also not be counted for those prospects, neither the emails related to the domain added will come in the Live feed/Bell icon.

Updated on: 10/06/2024

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