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See and Edit Prospect Information

Edit a prospect to add information like their location, company details, social media profiles, tags and custom fields.

The more information you gather on your prospects, the more smoothly your outreach process will go. You can edit your prospect's information in their profile screen to keep important details up to date.

In the Prospects screen, double-click the name of the prospect you want to edit.

Click Show More Details on the details panel.

Click the edit button next to any of the fields to edit them.

Click Done.

You can also see the Created, Modified and Last Contacted Date for the Prospect from the same screen.

1.Created date - When a Prospect is created that is synced from any CRM or imported from CSV or created directly.

2.Last Contacted date - When an Email is sent or Text sent or a Call is logged for the prospect it will be the Last Contacted Date.

3.Modified date - When the prospect is modified if any fields gets updated modified date will be updated accordingly.

Updated on: 07/06/2024

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