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Sequence Prioritization

Prioritize your most important Sequences

Sequence Prioritization Syed Haider

Now Outplayers will get an option to prioritize their sequences.

This will help Outplayers keep their best performing sequence at the top and maintain the sequence performance.

How to set priority for a sequence?

Navigate to Settings -> Priority Section.

Click on “Add Priority”

The system will open a text box to enter the priority master information.

Select the priority level for the sequence.

The priority master created here will be reflected in Sequence >> Settings >> Set Priority.

Outplay will execute the sequence basis the order of the sequence priority created here.

E.g. In the screenshot, if Voicemail dropped is at the top then sequences with voicemail dropped mapped as priority will be executed first.

Sequence Settings.

There will be an option called Set Priority within the settings page of a sequence. This field will inherit the masters from priority settings, based on the type of priority assigned to the sequence, the system will execute that sequence above all other sequences.


Q: If the user assigns the same priority to two sequences, which sequence system should pick first for execution; System will give the precedence top priority, and then the last created date

A: The priority assigned to sequence A on date 05th Sep 2021 09:40 PM The priority assigned to sequence B on date 05th Sep 2021 10:00 PM, In this case, the system will execute sequence B first. If the limit of sending emails is exhausted on sequence B, then on the next day i.e. after 24 hours, the system will execute the pending emails of sequence B and then the system will start executing sequence A.

Q: Which email gets priority in case the sequence is approaching sending limits?

A: Yes, the system gives priority to the pending emails first of the sequence which is picked.

Q: If there are emails scheduled for high priority sequence, will the system pick my next sequence first and then execute the scheduled emails' sequence?

A: Yes, if there is a sequence that is at the high priority but the emails are scheduled then the system will check the next sequence basis priority / recent created date and then execute that sequence first and then stop that sequence in between to execute the high priority sequence emails first.

Q: Who can assign the priority to a sequence?

A: Only owner of the sequence can assign the priority. This is applicable for both personal and team sequences.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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