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Set stages for your sequence

Select which stage a prospect is set to when you add them to the sequence, and if they bounce, reply, or finish without replying.

Stages in Outplay are like Salesforce status fields: they show where your prospect is in your sales process so you can take the appropriate actions to engage a prospect through your sales process. Your team admin can configure stages in the Settings.

When a prospect is in a sequence, you can set their stage automatically by how they behave, depending on the goal of the sequence. There are four moments when you might want to set a new stage:

When they're first added to the sequence.

If they bounce during the sequence.

If they reply during the sequence.

If they finish the sequence without replying.

Sequence stages are set in the sequence Settings screen.

In the Sequences screen, click the sequence you want to edit.

Click the Settings screen.

Scroll down and select the stage you want to move a prospect to.
If you don't want a prospect's stage to change, you can choose No Change.

Click Save.

Updated on: 23/05/2024

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