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Sync prospects from Pipedrive to Outplay

Sync your old and new prospects to Outplay.

There are a few aspects to consider while setting up the Integration.

Before Integration with Outplay

The sync behaves differently for the data that are already existing in Pipedrive.

After Integration with Outplay

The sync behaves differently for the data that are created after the Integration with Outplay.

Before integration with Outplay

Let’s assume there are 100 contacts in our Pipedrive account. In order to sync all 100 contacts to our Outplay account, we have to select all those 100 contacts in Pipedrive and choose the bulk edit option to update any field for them in Pipedrive. When we update the prospects, the API captures those updated prospects as new prospects and syncs them into Outplay automatically.

Example: If the Twitter field is not used, then select all the contacts in Pipedrive and bulk update the twitter field.

Process: After updating contacts in Pipedrive, go to your Outplay account, Profile >> Settings >> Integrations and API >> Pipedrive Integrations >> Prospect and click on 'Sync now'.

After integration with Outplay

All the contacts that are created after the integration will be considered as new prospects and sync into Outplay automatically. Here, no updation of fields is required to sync them into Outplay.

Updating contacts information in Pipedrive.

When we update a contact in your Pipedrive account, the prospect will get updated automatically in Outplay as per the sync cycle (10 mins – default).

NOTE: The default periodical polling sync is set to 10 mins.

NOTE: Updating prospects will not create duplicates in Outplay

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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