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Understanding Prospect Status on Outplay

Learn the difference between Active, Pending, and Finished

Prospect status in Outplay helps you to track the progress of your prospects throughout the sequence. There are three different statuses - Active, Pending, and Finished. In this article, we'll explain what each status means and when it's used.


When you enroll prospects in a sequence, their status is marked as Active. This means they have been enrolled in Step 1 of the sequence.


Prospects who don't meet the enrollment limit set in the sequence will be marked as Pending. They will become Active automatically once they fall under the limit. They can also be activated manually.

For example, if you have added 200 prospects in a sequence that has a limit of 100, then only 100 prospects will be marked as Active, and the other 100 will be marked as Pending. 

You can wait for 24 hours for the pending prospects to become active, or you can activate them manually by selecting them, clicking the More Options button, and selecting the Activate option.


You can mark prospects as Finished both manually and automatically. Prospects who have gone through all the steps of a sequence will be marked as Finished automatically, and their stage will be Unresponsive. Additionally, prospects who have replied to your outreach will also be marked as Finished, but their stage will be Replied.

NOTE: Prospect status is a default setting and cannot be modified.

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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