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Understanding Why Emails Bounce and How to Handle Them

Learn how to manage bounced emails in Outplay and keep your prospecting efforts on track

As an Outplay user, you may encounter instances where emails you send to prospects bounce back. However, you have options to handle bounced emails effectively and keep your prospecting efforts on track.

This article will guide you through the steps to handle bounced state prospects in Outplay.

Why emails bounce and how to handle them

There are several reasons why emails can bounce, including incorrect email addresses, mail servers not being found, or other technical issues. When an email bounces, the prospect's status is changed to "Bounced" in Outplay, and they are automatically paused from all sequences they were active in. 

**Here's how you can handle bounced emails in Outplay:**

Update Prospect's Email Address: If you believe that the email address was incorrect or needs to be updated, you can do so in the Sequence or Prospects section or from the Prospect Info Panel. Simply update the email address and click Retry to resend the email.

Skip Step/ Move Prospect to a New Step: On Outplay, you can skip the step on which they have bounced or move a prospect to a new step in the same sequence. This allows you to continue your outreach efforts with the prospect.

Bulk Retry for Multiple Prospects: If you have multiple prospects in the bounced state, you can select them all and choose the Retry option to resend the emails in bulk.

NOTE: It's important to ensure that the updated email addresses are accurate and valid to avoid further bouncing issues.

Handling bounced state prospects in Outplay is easy. By effectively managing bounced emails, you can keep your prospecting efforts on track and increase the chances of successful email deliveries.

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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