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Use the Outplay Dashboard

The Dashboard puts everything you need to breeze through your sales tasks all in one place

Outplay is designed to help you get through your engagement tasks as quickly and easily as possible, so you can spend more time having sales conversations, and less time on busy work.

The Dashboard puts everything you need to run through your sales tasks quickly in one place.


Run tasks

You can see at a glance the number of tasks due today, and how many each kind of task you have. If you want to run through your tasks in the order they appear, click the Start Tasks button. Outplay will give you everything you need to run each task until your task list is done.

Group your tasks

Click the task type at the top of the screen to group all of your tasks of that type-together. For example, if you want to make all your phone calls at once, click the Calls total. If you then click Start Tasks, Outplay will run only your call tasks.

View your feed

The live feed on the left shows all of the most recent events, including tasks you've completed, and responses from your prospects, such as when a prospect opens an email or clicks a link. You can also customize for what events you want the feed to be displayed on your dashboard.

If you wish to see all the events on the live feed, you can do that by using the 'All' option.

Livefeed Customization

Prospect Details are shown in Meeting Activity

We are displaying the Prospect Name and the Calendar Owner Name for the Meeting Booked Activity shown in the live feed.

Activity log

Updated on: 26/06/2024

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