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Use WhatsApp to Connect with Prospects

Connect with your prospects effortlessly on WhatsApp through Outplay.

Outplay provides you with the option to add WhatsApp to your sequences. Now, send personalized, instant messages to your prospects on WhatsApp through Outplay.

* Ensure the WhatsApp account for the number you’re using to connect with prospects is active.
* Log in to your WhatsApp account through WhatsApp Web on your browser.

Use WhatsApp in a Sequence

Add WhatsApp to your multichannel sequence and stay connected with your prospects on the go. 

On Outplay, select Sequence from the sidebar menu.

Click on Create Sequence.

In the pop up window, you can either choose the Build From Scratch or Sequence From Library option.

Select the WhatsApp option in the pop-up window that appears.

Under the WhatsApp section, complete the following fields:
Instructions: Here, you may add essential information that will help you execute the task. For example, you can note down the body of the WhatsApp message you wish to send to your prospect in this field.
Run this step on day: Choose the day on which you want to initiate the task.
Priority: Set the priority of the task with options like Critical, High, Normal and Low.
Click on Add.

The WhatsApp task will be successfully added to your sequence. 

Find all your WhatsApp tasks in one place

Go to Tasks from the sidebar menu.
Click on the WhatsApp tab.
Here, you can view all your upcoming WhatsApp tasks together.

Execute Your WhatsApp Tasks

Go to Tasks from the sidebar menu.
Click on the WhatsApp tab.
From the list of upcoming WhatsApp tasks, click on the task you wish to initiate.
A window with the prospect’s information along with a WhatsApp panel will appear.

On the WhatsApp panel, complete the following fields:
WhatsApp Message: Here, you can type out the body of the WhatsApp message you want to send to your prospect.
Select Opportunity: Select the Opportunity for the specific prospect.
Once you enter the information, click Complete & Send.
The action will open a new tab for WhatsApp Web on your browser. The prospect will be automatically selected from your chats and the message will be auto-populated in the chat box.
Click Send.

WhatsApp tasks will be considered as completed when you click the Complete & Send button on Outplay.
All your WhatsApp activities will be recorded in the Prospect Activity panel.
Currently, this feature can only be used to send WhatsApp text messages and cannot track responses.

Updated on: 24/06/2024

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