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Zapier Integrations

Setting up Zapier and creating Zaps

Outplay supports Zapier, so you can create Zaps for inbound and outbound sync on Outplay with the applications that support Zapier.

What actions can be done using Zapier on Outplay?

Zapier can be used for both inbound and outbound sync between Outplay and other CRMs which support Zapier.

Inbound sync:

Using inbound sync, a user can save or update the details of a prospect on their Outplay account from their existing CRM(which supports Zapier).

Outbound sync:

For outbound sync from Outplay, we currently support three kinds of activity triggers viz., When a prospect is created, when a prospect is updated, and when a prospect is opted-out. And based on the activation of any of these triggers you can make automated updates in your CRM(which supports Zapier).

How is Zapier integration done?

We have made a quick video on how to integrate Zapier on Outplay. We chose to do this for user's reference, by taking an example case where one wants to connect a Hubspot CRM for outbound sync, you can have look at the video here: Zapier Integration

How is Outplay and Zapier integration authenticated?

Every user on Outplay is given a Client ID and Client secret that is used to authenticate such integrations.  Please refer to the article below on where to find them.

**What are Client ID and Client secret and where to find them?**

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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