Hubspot Cards - Powered by Outplay

What are Hubspot Cards?

HubSpot Cards allows you to see and update the information automatically when there is any change in the prospect's activity in Outplay. HubSpot Cards will be available for all prospects and you will be able to find them on the right sidebar of your CRM records.

HubSpot Cards helps you in streamlining your workflows and maximizes your efficiency. The information in the card will be automatically loaded and gets updated when the sync happens in Outplay.

WHERE TO CHECK THE CARD: Open Prospect's Info>> Scroll Down>> Right Sidebar.


The main benefit is that HubSpot users can easily and quickly look at the data related to the record they are visiting within the CRM and take action or analyze accordingly.

HubSpot cards provide more specific information like Outplay ID, Opens, Clicks, Replies, Sequence name, Tags, Stage, Last completed step, Next step due, and Next step scheduled information.

NOTE: Hubspot Cards can neither be downloaded nor exported.