Add a prospect

Add a prospect to manage your outreach activities with them.

Add a prospect on the Prospects screen so you can engage with them from Outplay, add them to sequences, and create tasks.

Tip: If you have a list of prospects in a spreadsheet or .csv file, you can import them all at once.

  1. On the Prospects screen, click Add Prospect.

  2. Type the prospect’s details.
    One of the fields among Email, Phone Number and Linkedin is mandatory for the prospects, but we recommend you fill out as many as you can—it’ll make things much easier later.

  3. If you plan to call the prospect, add their Phone Number and Time Zone

  4. If you know which account the prospect belongs to, select their Account.
    Account not showing up? You may need to create it

  5. If you want to add the prospect’s state, country, company, or social media links, click Show more options.

  6. Click Create.

You can now add the prospect to a sequence, create a task for them, or add tags to track information like where they came from.