Affiliate program

Affiliate program FAQ's related to affiliate program

1. How do I refer someone?
Log into your affiliate dashboard, share your referral link with people and ask them to sign up to Outplay using the link.

2. How much do I earn for every referral?
You will get a 20% recurring commission on every sale that you bring in. Not only that, you will continue to get a 20% commission even when a customer adds more seats/licenses once they are onboard.

3. What are the payout modes that I have?
We use PayPal as our payout mode and can transfer those funds to your bank account.

4. When can I have it?
You can have your payout for every 60 days.

5. How many referrals can I have?
There is no limit on the referrals that you get so you can have as many as you can.

6. Can I refer my team members?
Unfortunately, you cannot refer your team members to signup for Outplay.

7. How do I know how many of my referrals are active?
You should be able to find it in the affiliate portal once you log in.

8. What is the minimum payout amount?
The minimum payout amount is $200