Define your call outcomes

Define the call outcomes your team members choose when they finish a call.

Recording the result of a phone call with a prospect is crucial for determining the next step of your sales cycle with them. Set up your list of call outcomes so that you can quickly record how a prospect call went. You can rename, add or remove outcomes to best match your team process.

Note: You must be an Admin to define call outcomes.

  1. Click the user menu, and click Settings.

  2. Click Dialer.

  3. Click Outcomes.

You can edit or delete the default outcomes by clicking the options icon next to the outcome.

Add an outcome

To add an outcome:

  1. Click Add Outcome.

  2. Type a Name that describes the outcome.

  3. Select whether the outcome means the call was Answered or Not Answered.

  4. Click Save.

While adding or editing an Outcome you can enable whether it's a Positive Outcome or Voicemail.

If you select it as a positive outcome and in sequence settings 'on reply finish the sequence to the prospect' setting is turned on then whenever that call outcome is given for a prospect for a call step then that sequence will be finished for that prospect.

Based on the action taken that selected outcome will be counted after logging the call.

You can see the stats in Reports→ Overview Section → Call Stats