Edit a task

Edit a task to reassign it, change its due date or description Laxman

You can edit the due date or description of a task, or change who it's assigned from the Tasks screen.

  1. In the Tasks screen, click the options icon on the task you want to edit.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. Make the required changes.

  4. Click Save.


Tasks re-assignment

While performing tasks from a team sequence, you can reassign prospects to the respective Owner to perform the tasks and all those tasks that were assigned to Owner 1 will be transferred to Owner 2 automatically.

In Org Settings, a new setting is added to reassign the tasks and team Sequences to the new Owner. In general, this setting will be turned OFF for existing customers and you can turn it ON at any time. For new customers, this setting will be turned ON.

You can change the Prospect Ownership in the below scenarios.

  • CRM Prospect Owner Change

  • Change Prospect Owner from Outplay Portal or Chrome Extension.

  • Change from Triggers

Below actions should be performed

  • Transfer the Non-Sequence Tasks which belong to the previous owner to the new owner.

  • Reassign the Team Sequences & Related Tasks which belong to the previous owner to the new owner

  • While completing the tasks or steps, if the user doesn’t have permission to run the sequence and complete tasks. Display a message to the user stating “You don’t have sufficient privileges to complete the Step. Please contact your Admin.”