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Assign a Prospect to an Opportunity

How to assign Opportunity to a prospect in Outplay

In this article, we will discuss different ways that a prospect can be assigned an opportunity within Outplay.

Assigning Opp to a prospect through the Profile page.

Login into Outplay and Navigate to your Prospect Section.

Click on the prospect and expand the view.

Open Opportunities and click on Assign Opportunities.

A pop-up will show up, to assign the Opportunity to the selected prospect.

Also the role associated with the prospect can be selected if they are defined.

Assigning Opp to a prospect through Opportunity.

Login in Outplay and Navigate to Opportunities $.

Click on the Opportunity in consideration.

Click on the Prospects Tab and click Add Prospect.

Select the role associated with the Prospect (if any).

In both instances, the prospect has been assigned an opportunity.

Users will also have options to modify the prospect with the opportunity such as marking them as finished, deleting them, opt them out from the system.

Updated on: 23/05/2024

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