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Opportunities & Tasks

In this article, the relation b/w opportunities & Tasks are provided.

When performing Tasks and sending a communication to your prospects, users will be able to associate Opportunities with them to maintain a reminder to take action at the most advantageous time.

Create Tasks through Opportunity Page

Navigate to the Opportunity in consideration.

Click on the Tasks Tab and click on "Create Task"

Create the task as required.

Any Tasks created within the Opportunity will be associated with it while performing the task.

Assign Opportunity while performing a Task

When a user's performing or creating a task, now an option has been provided to associate Opportunity with the prospect's task.

Users will get an option to add opportunities while performing the task as shown in the video below, the opportunity will already have to be created.

While creating a task, the user will also have an option to associate an Opportunity with it.

Updated on: 27/06/2024

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