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How to create an opportunity in a pipeline

An opportunity represents a potential sale that you are working on. Each opportunity can be associated with a specific lead, and it will move through the various stages of your pipeline as the sale progresses. On Outplay, you can create an opportunity and add it to your pipeline. This way, you can monitor the progress of the deal, set sales goals, and prioritize your sales efforts. 

Here's how you can create an opportunity in a pipeline on Outplay: 

Log into Outplay. In the Engagement section, click Opportunities from the sidebar menu.

Here, you can view all the opportunities created in your account. Click the Add Opportunity button.

The Add Opportunity window pops up. Here, you can complete the following fields as required:
Name: Enter the name or title of the opportunity.
Amount: Enter the estimated or expected revenue amount for the opportunity.
Close Date: Enter the expected date when the opportunity will close.
Select Owner: Choose the salesperson who will be responsible for managing the opportunity.
Pipeline: Select the pipeline the opportunity will be a part of. NOTE: The Default Outplay Pipeline is preselected here.
Select Stage: Choose the stage the opportunity is currently in, based on your sales process.
Prospect: Select the individual or organization that is the target of the sales effort.
Account: Choose the account the opportunity is associated with, if applicable.

NOTE: Selecting a pipeline to add the opportunity is mandatory.

Click Add.

The opportunity is created and added to the selected pipeline successfully. 

NOTE: You can move an opportunity to another pipeline of your choice from the Opportunity Information Panel. Select the opportunity of your choice and edit the Pipeline field in the Opportunity Information Panel.

TIP: You can find an opportunity of your choice by using the Search Bar or the Filter option

TIP: Click the Column Arrangement button and select the columns you want to view in an Opportunity Pipeline. You can select up to 10 columns to be viewed simultaneously.  

TIP: You can select an opportunity of your choice and view the all essential information associated with the opportunity under the Activity, Notes, Prospects, Sequences, Meetings, Calls, Emails, & Tasks tabs

TIP: You can apply filters in a pipeline and save the view by clicking the Save View button

TIP: You can select multiple opportunities in a pipeline and choose to bulk edit or delete them. To do so, select the checkboxes for the opportunities, click the More Options button in the top panel, and select the preferred action

TIP: You can update the stage or outcome for an opportunity. Click here to read more.

Updated on: 09/06/2024

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