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Opportunities in Outplay.

Outplay now support creating and mapping Opportunities to prospects & accounts.

This article will help users understand the Opportunities Section better.

What are Opportunities in Outplay?

Opportunities are " Deals " in progress with your prospects or accounts, which can now be either created with Outplay or synced through your CRM.

When Logged in to Outplay, click on the $ Dollar sign - which takes the user to the Opportunites page.

Prospects must be added to an Opportunity to view the activity and data tied to the Prospect record as it updates through an Opportunity. We recommend adding Prospects to the Opportunity in the CRM and syncing content back to Outplay.

Users can also access Opportunities assigned to prospects by clicking on the prospect information tab as shown below - 

Opportunities Stages provides users with an at-a-glance view of how many opportunities are in a particular stage of a process.

If the user clicks on a specific opportunity, they will be redirected to the Opportunity Profile page as shown above.

Opportunities List View:

The Opportunities List View page provides users with a list of opportunities within the organization.

The Opportunities List View is separated into six columns as described in the table below: 
The Opportunities List View is customizable, providing users the ability to sort, add filters, and save custom views for future reference, this can be done using Filter & Views.

Opportunities Tab View:

Within an Opportunity, the user will be able to view the Activities, Notes, Prospects, Sequences, Meetings, Calls, Emails, and Tasks associated with the Prospects with which the user/team has interacted Outplay.

Updated on: 27/06/2024

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