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Convert Leads to Contacts on Zoho CRM when they book a meeting on Outplay

Efficient Lead Management with Zoho CRM and Outplay

By integrating Outplay and Zoho CRM, you can automate the process of creating contacts from your leads when they schedule a meeting with you. To achieve this, you need to create a workflow on Zoho CRM, a trigger on Outplay, and ensure bi-directional sync between the two platforms. This will create a new contact in Zoho CRM and map the relevant lead fields to the corresponding contact fields. 

In this way, you can streamline your lead management process and ensure that no potential opportunity is missed. 

NOTE: Outplay - Zoho CRM Integration should be active and in sync. 

How it works

When a prospect books a meeting with you through Outplay, the prospect's stage is automatically updated using triggers within Outplay. Outplay and Zoho CRM are integrated and synced, so the stage update is reflected in Zoho CRM. 

Using workflows within Zoho CRM, a contact and account are automatically created when the stage is updated. 

Let's explore this process in more detail:

Step 1: Create a workflow on Zoho CRM
Step 2: Create a trigger on Outplay
Step 3: Outplay - Zoho CRM Sync

Step 1: Create a workflow on Zoho CRM

To get started, you need to create a workflow on Zoho CRM to convert leads to contacts and accounts when the prospect’s stage is updated. Here’s how:

Log into Zoho CRM. Navigate to Settings.

Under Automation, click Workflow Rules.

Click Create Rule.

The Create New Rule window pops up. Here, select the Module and enter the Rule Name as well as the Description.

Here, you can create a workflow rule when a lead is created or edited. For example:
When: This rule will be executed when a lead is created or is edited to meet the conditions (if any).
Condition: Lead Status is New Lead (for example)
Action: Convert Lead to Contact & Account

Click Save.

Step 2: Create a trigger on Outplay

Next, you can create a trigger on Outplay that updates a prospect’s stage when they book a meeting with you. Here’s how:

Log into Outplay. In the Engagement section, click Profile and select Settings from the drop down.

Click Triggers from the sidebar menu.

Click Create Trigger.

Here, you can complete the fields for creating the trigger when a lead books a meeting on Outplay:
Rule Name: Enter a name for the trigger.
Trigger: Select When Prospect Books a Meeting.
Select the checkbox for Trigger only once per prospect.
Action: Set the Prospect Stage as New Lead.

Click Save.

NOTE: The Prospect Stage should be the same as in Zoho CRM. 

Step 3: Outplay - Zoho CRM Integration

To enable automatic conversion of leads to contacts on Zoho CRM when they book a meeting on Outplay, it is essential to ensure that your Outplay - Zoho CRM integration is properly configured. This requires accurate mapping of all relevant fields and enabling bi-directional sync between the two platforms.

To learn more about how to set up the Outplay - Zoho CRM integration, please follow the link provided **here**. This will guide you through the process of integrating the two platforms and ensuring that your lead management process is as streamlined and efficient as possible.

In conclusion, this streamlines the lead conversion process and ensures that your sales team can focus on engaging with prospects instead of manually managing their contact information.

Updated on: 27/06/2024

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