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Difference between working, replied, unresponsive, and bad contact info

All these stages help you understand the progress of the prospect.

Working: A prospect will never fall under 'Working' unless the prospect has been added to a sequence. 'Working' lets you know that the prospect is enrolled in the sequence and allows the prospect to go through the sequence steps. The stage will remain as far as there is no change in the pre-defined stages. The stages vary based on the status too.

If a prospect was marked as 'Finished' the prospect will still remain under the 'working' stage but the status will be marked as 'Finished'. Finished prospects will not proceed with any further steps of the sequence.

Replied: A 'Replied' can be an email reply, positive outcome (phone call), SMS reply or a meeting booked. When a prospect replies, the 'Working' stage of a prospect will be automatically both Status and Stage will be marked as the 'Replied' and the prospect will not move to other steps of a sequence as per the default settings.

Unresponsive: Prospects who did not reply but went through all the steps of a sequence will be marked as 'Unresponsive' from 'Working 'and the status will be marked as 'Finished'.

Bad Contact Info: When a prospect's email is bounced within the sequence, then the prospects will be marked as 'Bad Contact Info'. The bounce could be a soft bounce or a hard bounce.

**NOTE: All the stages are customizable. You can also add custom stages as per your requirement.**

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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